Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Baby's First Valentines Day

Unfortunately Annamaria is sick. It started off with a cough on Friday. We assumed she just caught the wheezy cough from Harrison since he's been sick the past week. But her's has progressed to a gunky nose too. And she sounds so congested, that it just worried me. We've been putting her to sleep in the car seat again so she can breathe. So after my lunch delivery, I took her to see the doctor on call. He said she needed a little help. He prescribed antibiotics and a light steroid to keep her lungs under control. Something to watch, since I have asthma I'm paranoid my kids will have it too. I did buy her a little outfit for Valentine's Day, but she's sleeping now so I'll have to get a picture later. I did get to find out what she's weighing in at these days. 14 pounds 3 ounces. That's fully clothed. Unbeliveable. She's nine months old and barely 14 pounds. She's a tiny. The doctor called her petite.

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Lena said...

Poor baby girl. I hate it when they get sick. I hope she is feeling better soon. Keep us posted.