Monday, February 20, 2006

A Lazy Day

Today is Presiden't Day, so Sophia gets the day off from school. Unfortunately she's not feeling very well. She's been complaining of a sore throat for the past couple of days. She doesn't have the hacking cough both Harrison and Annamaria had, so far anyway. So she gets to spend her day in bed and on the couch vegging out. Annamaria is feeling much better. Back to her old smiley, kicky self.

We finally hired a dry wall guy to come in and cover our ugly, ugly 70's paneling in our den. Not only is it on our walls, but it's also on the ceiling. What were people thinking when they made that decorating decision? He's coming in on Friday to start work, so we have four days to get all the stuff in the den boxed up and moved out so he can get to work. I've been assigned the computer desk area, and let me tell you, it's not pretty. I'm wondering how much junk I'll be able to get rid of. I think once I get into it, it won't actually be that bad, but getting started is the hard part. And I need boxes. I can not box things up without boxes.

I did actually get some work done on the house this weekend. I got the carpets cleaned in both Annamaria's room and in the den. We're thinking about replacing the carpet in the den before we put it on the market, but I think just cleaning it really helped. It may not need to be replaced afterall. It would be nice not to have to spend that money.

So no more procrating, and off to work I go.

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Lena said...

Are you really going to move?