Thursday, February 09, 2006

Because I'm A Dumb Ass

I was making Oatmeal cookies this morning for my lunch client today, and I mixed the dough and thought to myself that it seemed kind of sticky. But I haven't made these cookies in a bit, so I thought I just forgot their consistency. So I let the dough rest for 5 to 10 minutes like the recipe says, then scoop the dough out onto my baking sheets and pop them in the oven. As I turn around I see a bowl of flour, all measured and waiting, sitting on the counter top that was suposed to be added to the dough. No wonder the dough was sticky. So I quickly open the oven, snatch my baking trays back out of the oven, and grab the little balls of stickiness and toss them back into the mixing bowl. Add the flour and mix. I was then able to resume my baking routine. What a dumb ass!

The other night, I was just lying my head on my pillow to go to sleep, and suddenly it hits me and I sit bolt upright in bed. I forgot all about my cake decorating class, scheduled for January 8th. Completely forgot. And what really bites my heiny, was that I had to reschedule this class twice! The first time was because I was having a baby. The second time was because we decided to go to Montana at the last minute for the 4th of July. And this class is always full. Hence my having to wait until January to get into the class again. And I really need some help in the cake decorating arena. That's $59 tossed down the toilet. What a dumb ass!

Sometimes I really wonder how I function at all.

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