Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rolling Along

Annamaria is now rolling from her back to her tummy. A major milestone. But she doesn't really like being on her tummy, so once she rolls over, she shortly starts fussing about being there. She can roll over from her front to back, and has done so on numerous occasions, but she seems to have forgotten that.

Tomorrow my father-in-law, Pat, is arriving for a long overdue visit. We haven't seen him since our wedding, four years ago. He hasn't even met Harrison yet. That just blows me away. He was just planning to stay a couple weeks, but Vince wants him to stay at least a month, so we sent him a one-way ticket so we can work out his return at a later date. So I've been trying to get his room ready, so he has a nice comfortable place to stay. The problem is is that our extra room has been filled with Vince's tools, old office stuff, old college notes, etc., etc. So between the junk and the dust the room needs a major overhaul. Besides the face that when we moved into this house almost seven years ago, Vince ripped out the old disgusting carpet and we never got around to putting in new flooring in that room. So the last of the crap was removed just this morning. I wiped down the walls and got the room painted. I'm still waiting for Vince to come through with some sort of flooring. But it's almost 9:30 p.m., and he's still at work, so I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. At least I got the room painted. Now we just need a floor, the bed, bedding, drapery, and some of your general bedroom comforts and we'll be all set. And I have until about 5pm tomorrow to get this all done. Oh, and finish cleaning the rest of the house in the process. Nothing like procrastination.

So while I whittle away the last hours of my countdown, I'm enjoying the season premiers of Joey and CSI. So I'm logging off to give my full attention to the new season of my shows.

And here's a picture of the kids, just for good measure. This is the classic Harrison face picture. Tells loads about him.

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