Thursday, September 01, 2005

Feeling Blue

Today I was driving down 15 S. to deliver lunch, while listening to NPR. For the past couple of days they've been talking about the destruction hurricane Katrina has left behind, and I haven't really been paying attention. I don't watch the news on purpose, too depressing. But yesterday I was looking at some photos of the hurricane aftermath online and today listening to NPR and it just hit me. It's all just really sad. All those people stuck in the area in New Orleans. No electricity, overflowing toilets, no running water (other than the toilets), and hot humid conditions. And I think the part that really struck it home for me was this reporter talking about a women she saw there cradling her two week old baby. Now I know they're the survivors, and I should be happy for them. Afterall, think of all those who didn't survive, but the image of this woman holding her newborn in her arms, displaced and scared just really upsets me. They also had a man call in who said he and his wife were discussing it, and they have room in their home for four more people, and would be willing to bring some of these people into their home until they could get back on their feet. And he said he was sure there are other people out there willing to house people, and was there any organization out there who could help him. All the radio host could tell him was to contact his local Red Cross Organization. That just seemed so lame to me. Here we have people willing to help, but unable to get the word out. Is it the bureaucracy? It angered me. Also, I love New Orleans. Yes it's seedy and dirty, but the architecture of the French Quarter buildings are fabulous. Or, they used to be anyway. I've had some of my best meals in the French Quarter, and anyone who knows me well knows that's a major decision on whether I like someplace or not. And the history of it. That city has survived more than this. Wars, yellow fever, etc. I wonder how long it will take to recover. I also have fond memories of Biloxi. I spent a few days sunning on the gulf one summer. I remember visiting Andrew Jackson's home. Seeing all the old artifacts and reading about the history of the home. Beachfront in the South. How the house was layed out so every room could get a coastal breeze. I wonder how that historic location fared. Not since 9/11 have I felt this way. Possibly the fact that my baby is on day two of running a fever has added to my sadness. She's not extra crabby or anything. She's just sleeping a little more than usual, and I have to keep Tylenol in her to keep her fever down. If it doesn't break by tomorrow I'm taking her in to see the doctor. Oh, and on Tuesday I'll be turning 36. That can't be helping my attitude any either.


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ChakaL said...

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, I totally saw that about the woman and her 2 week old baby too! I just started crying. I've been obsessively watching the news and have been so sad, but that really did it! And so angry. You can't tell me they couldn't have flown in water and food to some of those stranded people? It is so heartbreaking.