Thursday, September 01, 2005

Spammed . . . AGAIN!

This just proves my theory that the world is full of idiots. Under my last post, titled "Spammed!", I received a comment. Yes, another spam comment. Ironic? This time for a work at home site. "If I shared all my secrets with you, you wouldn't buy my book." Please, these are just as bad as diet pill sites. Unethical peoples way of getting money from the guilible. So now, in order to leave a comment for me, you have to do a word verification. Apparently these spam comments are sent out automatically by a computer, and the verification should help stop that. Sorry for the inconvenience to my friends who actually have something to say.

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Jessica said...

Hey there, I saw that weightloss spam comment when I left a comment earlier. I had also seen Blogger announce you could add word verification, but I wasn't sure why b/c I have yet to get spam comments (knock on wood). How amazingly rude that people are spamming blogs!!! I guess you'll know I've been hit when I finally add word verification. ;)