Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Cookies 2008: Day Five

Whew! The cookies are finished, the salmon torte is assembled, so all I have left is to put together the Easter Baskets. I'm pooped and my back hurts.

We did our usual Holy Saturday thing and dyed our Easter eggs. Last year Francesca was still to young to get it, but this year she was going to pop a vein or something. She got so excited, so happy when we handed her an egg. She would force the egg into the cup of dye like it had to be shoved or something. Then she got really upset that she couldn't scoop the egg immediately back up. So we would quickly have to hand her another egg to keep her satisfied. She laughed, she cried. It was a roller coaster of a ride. Oh, and she thought the dye was some kind of drink or something. We tried warning her not to drink it, but she kept having a fit about it. So we finally let her go at it thinking the vinegar would turn her off, but no. She liked it anyway. Weird child. All the kids had a really good time, and the evening ended on a positive note.

My last two cookies are . . .


Like brownies but without all the chocolate. I know. Why would you bother without all the chocolate. But they do have semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, so there is actually chocolate. They're very good. A nice change of pace from the routine brownie. Oh yes, and they have pecans in them too. Shut up!

Decorated Butter Cookies

I finally found a recipe for a nice rich butter cookie, the only problem is that one recipe doesn't make that large of a batch for a bunch of cut-outs. But since I have nine other types of cookies sitting around the house, I think that's o-kay. I stuck to bunnies, carrots and sheep this year. Trying to keep with the whole Easter theme. And the kids had fun decorating theirs too. Only Francesca couldn't be bothered with the decorating part and just went straight to the eating portion of the program. Who could blame her?

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