Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

No post on actual Easter day. There was just too much going on. We were planning on attending the 8:30 mass but Vince's alarm was silenced (probably by Francesca who loves playing with his cell phone). So we made it out the door for 10:30 mass, got there in plenty of time, half an hour early, only to find out there was only standing room left in the hallway. Where did all these people come from? Good grief. So first I was majorly annoyed, but then got over it. So we stood out in the hallway by the bathrooms, trying to hear mass. Vince held Francesca the entire time, I got to put Annamaria down on occasion, but we both made it through and felt better for sticking it out and staying. Once we got home the kids got to tear into their baskets, while I put together the cookie tray for the brunch at our friends house. Then quickly out the door again. We didn't get back home until after 5pm. The kids had a great time, a huge Easter egg hunt, and we got to visit with other adults. It never feels quite right without family, but it was a nice day. I had to buy a ham too since they were on sale, so I'll be making our own little post-Easter feast next weekend. Oh, and that same gloppy green bean casserole from last year was brought to the brunch again. I knew I should have volunteered to bring the green bean casserole.

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Lena said...

=Those are the cutest pictures. I love to one of Annamaria. It looks like they had a good time and your cookie tray looks as amazing as ever!