Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Finally, the first signs of winter around here. We were told when we moved out here that it snows every other year, and since we had a good winter last year I thought our chances of seeing the white stuff was nil. But mother nature didn't let me down. She took her sweet ass time about it, but snow at last.

I love snow. One of the things I miss about living in Virginia is snow. Well snow, and blue crab, and Chesapeake Bay Seasoning flavored potato chips, and blue crab.
Anyway, the kids were really excited, but it didn't start snowing until it was already dark out, so I promised they could go outside and play in it in the morning. Sophia asked me if when she woke up she could get dressed and go outside to the snow. I told her sure, just not to wake me up. And suprisingly, I was already up before she was. But by 7am she was out, freezing her buns off. I made her come in to get her school work done, but as soon as it was, her and Harrison were back outside. Of course most of the snow had melted already, just some left on the window sills.

So they made the world's smallest snowman. I don't know why the picture of Harrison is blurry, Sophia took the pictures, I was inside prepping dinner.

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Lena said...

That is the cutest snowman. I am glad that the kids got to play in the snow.