Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Today started with lunch for twenty. No problem. Sophia had an appointment with our beloved Dr. Teregis this afternoon at 3pm. Apparently the County of San Diego requires a physical to enter the 1st grade. So I didn't want to drive home, back up to Escondido, from delivering lunch off Carrol Canyon Road , only to head back out to Encinitas. So after dropping off lunch, we headed to the uniform store, off Balboa, to pick up a couple of pieces of clothing for Sophia for school. $72 for three polo shirts (with the school's emblem), and a hat and a headband in the appropriate plaid (Bel Aire). I feel violated. That didn't take near as long as I thought it would, even though the store was chaotic with children. We still had two hours to kill before the doctors appointment, so we headed west over on the 52 to 5 North. Fought traffic through Del Mar, I forgot about the horse races, and stopped at Rubio's for lunch. I like Rubio's, but man are they overpriced. Got to the doctor's office a little early, but the wait really wasn't bad. When going to see Dr. T we're usually in the waiting room at least a half an hour past our appointment time, and actually get to see the doctor an hour to an hour and a half past said appointment time. He's a popular guy, Dr. T. But today wasn't so bad, we got out of there at quarter past four or so. So traffic on the way home wasn't too terribly bad either. Home by 5pm. And the only thing on our calendar tomorrow is another doctor's appointment, again with Dr. Teregis, but for Annamaria this time. Two days of Dr. T in a row. What more can a girl wish for?

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