Saturday, August 20, 2005

Step Away From The Baby!

Harrison just loves his baby sister, but does he really need to make her cry whenever he wants to give her some attention? He has no concept of personal space, at what age does that kick in? And why does the three month-old know she doesn't like her personal space invaded, but the two and a half year-old can't seem to grasp that concept? I don't want to squash his affection for her, but I don't want him to squash her either. Fustrating.

So some friends of ours, Dean and Sue, have a cabin up on Palomar Mountain, and they have invited a group of us up there for the weekend. Very gracious of them. Vince is very excited. He's planning on bringing Harrison up with him so they can sleep under the stars. Good luck with that. Vince also gets to bring his guns and his chainsaw. Both very manly things, in which I have no interest. He hardly ever gets to shoot his weapons, and Dean is an avid hunter and gun person. Also, there were fires up there last year so there are trees that need to be cleared away, a perfect excuse to play woodsmen and get the chainsaws out. I just think they're loud and irritating, but whatever. Neither of which are activities that I feel comfortable having a two year-old around. So this cabin doesn't have a bathroom, it has an outhouse. No thank you, you all enjoy yourselves. And they're all shocked that I really don't want to spend my weekend dealing with a three month-old in a cabin without a bathroom. They think I'm silly. "But the view from the outhouse is amazing", they tell me. "You can see as far as the Salton Sea". Thanks, I've been to the Salton Sea, there really wasn't that much to see up close, let alone from an outhouse. It really wouldn't matter if there was a great view of the Eiffel Tower, an outhouse is an outhouse. So I'll call you from the lounge of the Four Seasons, Ketel One martini in hand, and we can see who's having a better time.

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