Monday, August 15, 2005

Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

I hope I'm not jinxing myself here, but for the past couple of nights, Annamaria has slept through the night. No more 4:30 am feedings. Yea! She's been sleeping until about 6:30 am. This makes me very happy, the problem is that I'm still tired. It could be because my back hurts. I should go get a massage, or a trip to the chiropractor could be in order. Or it could be because I don't go to bed until about 11:30 pm. I know I should go to bed as soon as Annamaria dozes off, but I need wind-down time and am not really sleepy until that late.

So this weekend, Vince bought all three Jurassic Parks movies. He couldn't wait to share the scary dinosaur experience with Harrison. Harrison loves dinosaurs (don't all little boys love dinosaurs?), so Vince thought Harrison would really enjoy them. I want it to go on the record that I was against this idea. I thought the kids were too young to see such a violent, action packed movie. I fully expected to have someone extra in our bed that night due to nightmares. But the movie commenced despite my protests, and we all sat down to watch the first Jurassic Park movie. Well, Harrison was so full of energy that he couldn't even sit still long enough to pay attention to the movie, so Vince gave up and put him to bed. Sophia made it though the entire movie, but Vince insisted on covering her eyes on a couple extra violent parts. Now I believe that if you have to cover the child's eyes, then the child shouldn't be watching the movie in the first place, but that's just me. So now Sophia wants to watch the second movie, but Vince thinks it's too violent. So the first one was o-kay, but the second one is too violent? Whatever.

The other day Vince went to wake up Harrison from his nap, and he put the baby in bed with Harrison before waking him up. So when Harrison woke up the first thing he saw was his baby sister, which made him very happy. It's amazing to me how much he loves that little girl.

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