Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Christmas Is In The Air

Or at least it is at Costco. Can you believe it? I was trekking through Costco this morning, on my daily catering supply shopping, when I noticed all the summer gardening and patio stuff was gone, and rows of toys had been put in their place. I thought, geez, it isn't even near Halloween yet, and they're primed for Christmas already. Then I noticed the display of Halloween costumes too. At least they're not getting ahead of themselves or anything.

Tonight Vince and I are going to the Laguna Art Festival's Pageant of the Masters. The tickets were a Christmas gift from my mom. I think she's trying to breathe a little bit of culture into our otherwise dreary lives. I remember the first time I attended the pageant, I was about six years old. The next time I went I was in my late twenties. This is Vince's second trip. It's hard to describe it to someone who's never been. You tell them that pieces of art are recreated with live people, and they just don't get it. "Oh, that's neat?", they think. It's so hard to imagine unless you see it for yourself. Then they go and are amazed at what they're seeing. And the theme changes every year, so it's always new. Except for ending with a recreation of the Last Supper. By different artists though, so that's kind of new every year too.

Here is a picture of Annamaria's first trip to the beach. It was taken in June. Quite the trooper for a six week old. We haven't been to the beach since the beginning of July. We'd better take advantage of the summer and get back out there before August is over. Time is running out, it's almost Christmas afterall.

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Jessica said...

Have a blast at the Pageant. That is something I wanted to do when I was in San Diego and never made it up there. :( You'll have to post a photo (do they let you take photos?).