Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of the First Grade

Today was Sophia's first day of school. My baby is officially in the first grade. Her first grade teacher is Mrs. Elgar, who used to be a nun, but now is married and drives a woody PT Cruiser. My how things change. Anyway, Sophia really likes her. Sophia got to know Mrs. Elgar a bit last year and was very happy to learn she was her first grade teacher. And when I asked Sophia what she learned today, she told me Mrs. Elgar loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I guess they're starting off the new school year slowly. Really, what can I expect for the first grade? My happiest part of the day was getting to see Sophia's old kindergarten teacher again. Mrs. Bonica. We love Mrs. Bonica. Couldn't have asked for better. She was offered one of the first grade teaching positions for this year, and I was very upset to learn she turned it down. I would have loved to have her two years in a row. Or for Sophia to have her two years in a row. I actually cried Sophia's last day of kindergarten. I was so sad. Sophia started it though, she was very sad too. And I was post-partem, so I don't know what Sophia's excuse was.

In other news, Annamaria has found her toes. Took her long enough. I was wondering when she would get around to finding her toes. I wonder how much longer until she tries putting them in her mouth. Maybe if she takes her fingers out of her mouth, her toes will stand a chance. I can't wait for that photo opportunity.

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