Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I really thought yesterday was going to be a great day. O-kay, my night wasn't all that great. Annamaria woke me up at 1:30 am. I fell asleep feeding her in the chair in our bedroom. Awoke at 3:00 am, but her back in her cradle and returned to bed. She woke me up again at 4:30 am. Not her fault I fell asleep in a chair. I was able to stay awake that time, and returned to bed at 5:30 am, just as Vince's alarm went off. Vince woke me at 7:30 am since I had a massage appointment at 8:30 am. I don't mind being woken up for a massage, one of the better reasons I can think of to get out of bed. So my massage was with a therapist I hadn't had before, so I was concerned at how it would be. Well, she was a little bit of a thing, but she did a great job. I hadn't had a massage since I was pregnant and really needed it. I went home, started getting my lists together for my catering jobs this week and toasted up a bagel. I was able to consolidate my shopping needs to four stores. Two to go to Monday, and two to stop in Tuesday. That's pretty good, I was pleased. As I was happily munching on my second half of lox and bagels (one of my favorite breakfasts), my friend Sue called me and told me about this place in San Marcos that has sushi for a pretty good deal. Small hole in the wall, and most of the clientele is Asian, so that speaks for how good it is. So I put down my bagel and got the kids ready to go meet my friend for an impromptu sushi lunch. I'm thinking, "man, this day just keeps getting better". And that's where it ended. The kids were horrible at lunch. I got two drinks, each a different kind, thinking they could share and try different things. Wrong. Always get two of the SAME, that way there is no bickering. It got so bad I gave up and went and bought another drink that was the same as the one they both wanted. Then chastised my six year-old for acting like a two year-old. Sophia wanted octopus and miso soup. So I ordered lunch for me, octopus and miso soup for Sophia, and just miso soup for Harrison. Harrison barely touched his soup. He was too busy playing with the soy sauce, which I ended up putting at the opposite end of the table from him, just to make him leave it alone. Sophia ate half her soup and her octopus, couldn't complain there. Once they were done eating (or fannying about), they thought it would be o-kay to go play under the other tables. Now I have trained my children how to behave in restaurants, and while this place was quite casual, playing under tables is never o-kay. So off to the stores we went. At Costco Harrison was fine, especially since he was strapped into the cart with his baby sister. Sophia was fine too. The vegetable store was another story. I tried being the good and patient mom. I handed them each vegetable bags and let them help me pick things out and put them in the shopping cart, but Harrison wouldn't stay with me, and the carts there aren't big enough to put both him and the baby in. He likes to hang on to the side of the cart and ride along as I push. Fine, as long as it keeps him with me and the cart. Of course Sophia wants to do whatever Harrison is doing and trys to hang on the side of the cart too. After telling her several times to get down because she's too heavy and makes the cart too hard to push, she gets up again. This time on the same side as Harrison, and both of their weight starts to tip the entire shopping cart over, with the baby in it. Luckily I see the tipping begin, and catch the cart and save the baby. I'm at my breaking point by now. The kids see it in my eyes, and hear it in my tone of voice as they stand there in terror as I chastise them both. I'm thinking the other shoppers in the store must think I'm a total witch for speaking to my children in that tone of voice. I know I've thought that about other mom's I've heard in stores. Too bad, I was at my end. Luckily the day smoothed out from there. Once the kids got home, back in their own environment they kept themselves entertained. I was able to get my Jambalaya and salad dressing made for todays lunch. That made this morning smooth sailing. Which I really needed it to be. I'm a horrible mom.

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Jessica said...

Ah, I TOTALLY understand! And I've only got one little baby! ;)

If you like sushi, have you been to Sushi Joy by the Trade Joe's off 78? It's also kind of a hole in the wall. I think the sign outside just says "Japanese Cuisine" or something like that. Anyway, they always had great sushi. They had an "all you can eat" deal, but we never needed that b/c the pieces were always so big that we didn't need to order that many. yummy. On the bright side, sushi is the one thing I don't have to miss. ;)